Crock Pot Taco Chicken

Just one of those quick, easy things to toss in in the morning, go about your day, and come home to food.  So let’s play…

This is your worker bee today.  If you do not have one and you are a busy person with a distinct lack of time, I highly recommend purchasing one.  Get one in a size that is perfect for your household size.  I also HIGHLY recommend a removable crock.  Makes clean up SO much simpler.  I started off way back in the dark ages when I first moved out on my own with a cheapy (I swear it was probably only $10) crock pot/slow cooker.  It did not have a removable crock.  Cleaning it was a hassle.  That one up there ^^?  Ran across it at a thrift shop probably 13-14 years ago for $3.  Trust me it’s been through a lot in 14 years.  But I love it and I will be very sad on the day it finally dies.  I’m not overly fond of newer models (tried a 6 qt oval, I don’t know… 10 years ago or so?  – newer is obviously relative – it did not heat along the sides well… I took it back).  Oh, I still have my original one too.  Still works perfectly, just hate cleaning it 😉

With your main tool/equipment out of the way, let’s continue:20170727_094846[1]
Today’s ingredients:
2 pounds Chicken (Guess who forgot to take it out of the freezer last night??)
1 1/3 C Water
4 TBl Taco Seasoning (see here for seasoning recipe)

So, yeah.  Today we’re playing with frozen chicken.  Not a biggie.  This is going to be cooking alllllllllll day long while I go about my business.  I’m going to give you the recipe instructions based on what I did with 2 pounds of chicken.  If you only need one pound, half the amount of items used.  Of course, if you have a crock pot the size of mine and you need MORE, it’ll hold it.  Adjust ratios accordingly.  And as you can see in the picture, I used a combination of breasts and thighs.  Use what you have — these were just the first chickens I grabbed out of the freezer.  If I’d grabbed just thighs or just breasts, that would have been a-okay peachy dandy too.

Pour your water into your crock, add the seasoning, stir together, and set to high temp if frozen, low temp if thawed.  Either way, this is based on about an 8 hour cooking time.  More is fine if you need… less??  Not so much.  If you give it a stir and your chicken falls apart and shreds itself, it’s done.  If it does not, keep cookin’.
My lovely frozen bird parts, just a sittin there shiverin’ .  Don’t feel sad for them.  They’ll warm up soon enough.  Put the lid on your crock pot, double check your temperature setting — and, oh!  double check that you plugged it in.  Yes, that happens.  And go away.

Analog_clock_animationGet off work?  Back from school?  Take a lovely nap?  Well, it’s time.  Remove the lid.
This is what will be staring back at you.  All nice and cooked.  I kinda gave it a stir before I took this picture and it already started shredding.  Sorry.  But that brings us to our next step:
Take the back of your spoon and just apply a bit of pressure while swiping and stirring until everything is all nice and shreddy.

Your taco chicken meat is now ready to do as you please with it.  I did tacos and a taco salad (have had more than my fair share of carbages this week), see photos:
Some of the toppings.  Not pictured:  scallions and avocado, which were actually used on the final product, I just forgot them in the photo.

Your final product.  Today, either soft-shell tacos or a lovely salad.  The finished meat could also be wrapped up, topped, and baked off for burritos or enchiladas, or just plated on top of nachos if you prefer… which is kind of just a taco salad with chips and melty cheese 😉

So to recap:
1)  Busy?  Get a slow cooker.  We WILL have more of these slow cooking recipe sessions.
2)  Frozen meat in a slow cooker becomes unfrozen all by its pea-pickin’ self.  No need to stress over a distinct lack of pre-planning.
3)  Taco night is **awesome**

Quick instructions:

Add water and taco seasoning to slow cooker and stir together.  Place chicken (fresh or frozen) in the taco water.  Turn slow cooker to high for frozen chicken, low for thawed.  Make sure it’s plugged in.  Put lid on and go binge watch Sherlock.  Or like, you know, go to work or school or one of those other responsible things you should be doing.

Come home (or roust yourself from the couch), stir and mush (shred) chicken.  Cut up colorful products (no, skittles are not tasty taco toppings).  Serve in desired fashion.

Happy eating!!


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